Saturday, November 19, 2011

Give Me Some Blue Steel!...{Jacquie & Cooper...Engaged!}

When Jacquie emailed me about their engagement photos, she and Cooper weren't sure where they wanted to do them. Upon asking her what kind of "feel" she liked, she said she liked open fields, train tracks, old buildings, etc.....hmmmmmmm...I knew a great house! ;)

We started at my place where we toured out to the field....although not too was hunting season...we didn't need any...*ahem* incidents! We toured around the farm before heading into Ayr for some neat old buildings and some train tracks!

Jacquie and Cooper are a lot of fun! Jacquie is a sweetheart that knows how to rock the camera and Cooper does a mean "Blue Steel" haha. *Side Note* I was telling these guys after Cooper's blue steel comment that someone I had been talking to recently had never seen Zoolander...Helloooooooo! Seriously?!?! Who has not seen Zoolander? Only one of the best movies EVER!

Anyway, back to the story. We had a great time on our shoot and the pictures really show what a fun loving couple these two are and I cannot wait for their wedding next summer!!!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

LOVE this shot!

That's a good looking barn...and the couple's not too shabby either! ;)

Jacquie darling you are stunning!

I have been itching to use this door for MONTHS. That is all.

Fave. Picture. Ever.

A Walk in the Park...{Kathy & Kurtis...Engaged!}

I met up with Kathy and Kurtis at the Arboretum at the University of Guelph. For all of the people I knew that went to Guelph and the amount of time I spent in Guelph over the years....this was my first trip into the Arboretum! What a fantastic place for photos!

It was a gorgeous, sunny morning and the weather was perfect for a photo session. We trekked all over the arboretum and found lots of spots for photos.

Kathy and Kurtis are a super cute couple and Kurtis kept us in stitches!! These two have a lot of fun together and it really shows in the pics. And, funny enough it was Kurtis that asked how long it would take for the session (typical dude), but it was him that kept the session going...a full two hours by the time we were done! Haha.

I am really looking forward to their BIG wedding in the spring!!

Check out some of my favourites from our session!



I HEART this photo!! LOVE it!

Hilarious!! Bahaha